I’m glad to be back on blogging. To start off, let me share some random five facts about myself (which I also shared in my instagram when I was tagged).


1.) I love PANDAS! I have a huge collection and everyone who knows me personally has probably seen how much I squeal over anything Panda.

2.) TALES OF Series is my all time favourite JRPG. Probably the reason too I love the genre so much. Haha!

3.) I guess you can say I’m MUSICALLY INCLINED as well. I know how to sing, play a bit of guitar, ukulele, piano, recorder and drums. I’m currently learning how to play the violin.

4.) Yes, I love anime and you can blame CARDCAPTOR SAKURA for it. You know me well if you know how much I love this series.

5.) I am a gamer, otaku, hobbyist but most all, I am a CHRISTIAN. John 3:16.

If you would like to follow my chronicles, please subscribe. Arigatou~

Chronicles to include:

  • Game / Anime / Manga Thoughts
  • Gundam Building
  • Nendoroid Photography
  • Reviews and Recommendation

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