Pokémon Direct June 2017

Nintendo finished it’s Pokemon Direct this morning and here are the announcements.

[Click the Titles for Direct information.]

I don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet actually, but I’m glad to see more titles. Perhaps it is time for me to consider playing Pokemon Spin-off games.

Coming September 22,  Pokken Tournament DX (Deluxe) is the first in the series to be in the Switch platform. Since I haven’t played a spin-off game of Pokemon, it will be new for me once I have Switch. I am looking forward to it.

Next revealed was Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon for the 3DS, out on November 17, same year. While this is something I did not expect, I think I won’t be buying this. I did see it’s enhancements that others may consider.

Lastly, coming out at the same time as Pokken Tournament DX on Switch are Virtual Console release of Pokemon Gold and Silver. A definite throwback for fans.

Expect some more gaming news and summary with E3 just a week away. See you!

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