Book Chronicles: Geekerella

My Reading Time: 7 hours.

I tend to buy books quickly. If the story piques my interest, no matter the genre, I go for it. It was the same with “Geekerella” by Ashley Poston.

From the very start of encountering this book, I knew it would resonate well with me being a geek myself. I was never a fan of Disney’s take on Cinderella but the concept of Cinderella in today’s time enchanted me. With the palace turned into a convention, the magical carriage turned into a food truck, cosplaying for the “ball”, and the fandom as the kingdom, I knew this book would be an interesting read no matter how many takes of Cinderella I’ve already seen.

Image result for geekerella

The story revolves around Elle and Danier. I have to say I liked the fact the writer also included Danier’s point of view. It wasn’t just centered on our Princess, the Prince also have his voice to be heard – loud and clear.

I won’t go too much on the story as I’m sure we are all familiar with Cinderella but I do have to tell I appreciated how the writer worked her wand, I mean pen or keyboard, to transform the story. It may have started slow for me but the pacing still works. Once it picks up, you can’t just drop the book. How they met and up to the day they finally see each other “offline” felt like a magical experience despite Fairy Godmother not existing in the book.

If you would like a feel good book or just a casual read, you will find this book enjoyable. I recommend it, especially to us who understands what it means to have a beloved fandom.

“Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite.”

Enjoy the story of a fangirl’s “fairy tale” thoughtfully written by Ashley Poston.

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