New Year, New Games?

Year 2018 has just begun yet I’m already filled with games to play. Well, that is because I have a lot of backlogs from last year.

Back when I was still in High School and could not afford to buy my own games, I had a rule of only getting a new game if I’m done playing what I already have. As an RPGamer, this goes fast as all my games have an “ending”. No open worlds for me yet.

Fast forward to when I started working full time, I could afford to buy games whenever specifically those I think I “have” to buy because it’s on sale even though I wasn’t going to play it (yet). Now, I have encountered the problem of facing my ever growing backlog.

And so, this year, I have decided to avoid buying new games, unless I’m out of games to play. Let’s see how far I can go when I do have a PS Plus Subscription.

Just this month, Playstation have Deus Ex and Psycho Pass in their free games line up. The two games I’ve been wanting to play but never got the chance to buy a physical copy of. Therefore, two games are added to my backlog and I haven’t even started making the effort to clear my old games. *laughs nervously*

Welcome to my saga of trying to save money by no longer buying extra games I won’t be playing right away.

After all those words….. I know I’m getting Monster Hunter World. I hope that’s the only exception I’ll make. Wish me all the best. Haha!

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