“The End” – Sony to PS Vita

We’ve all seen this coming, ever since Sony first announced they will no longer have a first party support for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). Then came in next was the exclusion of its games from the PS Plus line up starting next year.

Despite being a handheld that works well, its mother company sure gave up on it as it wasn’t close of a competition to Nintendo’s 3DS.

For (Japanese) Role Playing Games (RPG) and Visual Novels (VN), PS Vita was the perfect console. With third-parties continuing to support the platform, the handheld console held on for years, even without the support from Sony. But, alas the final string has been cut. Sony announced they will no longer produce physical cartridges for PS Vita on March 2019.

This was the final blow to be done for the fans of this system, especially to those who still prefer physical releases. While they did say digital will still be available, I’m sure a lot of developers will stop focusing on the system sooner than later. Even Otomate is now “switching”. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it. LOL!) Yes, Otomate games are coming over to Nintendo Switch already. That means, Visual Novel developers knew exactly what was coming and is now making the move necessary to ensure their series does not meet the same ending as the PS Vita. It was time for them to “move on”, thus marking the true end of the PS Vita.

I really feel like if only Sony gave it the proper care it deserve or even just half the attention Nintendo gives it handheld console, maybe PS Vita’s fate ended in a different note.

PS Vita will still be a favourite console of mine and I will for sure be keeping all my Physical copies because I’m one of those people who prefers it over digital. A lot of my favourite games are still on this console so I won’t say goodbye so soon yet. But even I know there will come a day where more than me playing with it, it will just be in its case, hidden sadly.

“You did well, PS Vita. You did well.”

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