Gundam Chronicles: MG Build Strike

I recently got into a new hobby – Gundam Building. As if I don’t have enough hobbies already. But hey, it is really fun to do.

By recommendation, I got my first ever Master Grade gundam. I didn’t know what I got into until I got a package from Japan with a huge box. Last thing I built was a 1/100 No Grade IBO Barbatos. Imagine the jump both in details and quality.

My session to complete this gundam was in three parts. First was to do all the body parts. Second, build the weapons. Lastly, putting the weapons together and making a striking pose of the gundam.

For someone who came from a no grade, I think I did a pretty good job with it. Until I accidentally stepped on it’s head crown. I heard something snap and my horror was confirmed when I saw what was a single piece is now a divided into two.

Now it’s fixed by applying a contact cement. Haha!

Overall, this was a fun building kit to make. Very detailed and rewarding when you finish it.

Did you do this model too? How did you find it?

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