Personal Tag: When It Rains

It’s raining, huh?” ☔

I recently realized, I love rain.

At first I only perceived it as a perfect gaming weather. It gives you the thought it’s perfectly fine to stay indoors, be cuddled in your blanket and maybe have your favourite soup or hot drink.

But then, I started to notice how time flows faster for me when it rains. In the morning, I look out the window to see how gloomy it is. After several hours, time passed but the view is the same. It felt like the day did not move.

Quite the irony, because I’ve always found comfort in things going slow. Yet somehow, when it rains I feel so comfortable maybe because of how serene the outside looks while time continues to move.

Ah, serenity. That’s why. #MissChronicler🌫

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